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What’s Your Story?

Stories matter because they set the level of love in your life.

The key to your strength and potential lies in the stories you tell about your life and relationships.

You’re hard wired to be a story maker; it’s how you know who you are and what you’ll do next. 

The struggles and challenges you encounter can often be traced to being caught in an outdated, closed-off story.

Having effective strategies and support as you become aware of your stories and how they influence your relationships makes all the difference.

I also consult with couples and help them combine their individual and shared stories into a positive force for shaping their lives together.

Using a “we” framework provides a new foundation for partnerships – one that accommodates individual and relationship strengths and challenges faced over joint life cycles.

“By understanding your stories, and how you construct them, you gain the power to actively shape them and your relationships.”

What’s Possible?

Whether you’re just beginning to think about making a change or are farther along in your journey, my goal is to partner with you to:

  • Let go of stories that keep you feeling lonely and unable to connect as you’d like
  • Determine the purpose and goals of your relationship to reflect where you’re at today
  • Adopt a “we” or team centered approach to guide your individual growth and shape your relationship wisdom
  • Transform the foundation of your relationships into one that meet you where you are today-even if you don’t know how or where to begin
  • Reap the rewards of a life full of love by rewriting the stories that aren’t helping you live your best life.
Karen Skerrett, Ph.D.

Meet Karen Skerrett

The sweet spot in my professional life is studying stories of growth and change across the life-cycle, and fostering vitality in relationships. The combination of these two passions culminated in my latest book, Growing Married: Creating Stories for a Lifetime of Love.

As a psychotherapist, teacher, researcher, writer and consultant for over 35 years, my work reflects my commitment to help foster positive change in people’s lives and relationships. This deep well of experience led to the development of the “we” framework that has helped countless individuals create fresh, strong, and satisfying relationships.  

I also enjoy supporting other professionals in their endeavors to support their clients through my writing, workshops, and speaking events.

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